Artificial grass

Preparation & installation

Green Vision recommends a 10- step process for installing Green Vision landscaping grass products:

  • 1


    The first thing to do is to calculate how much Green Vision artificial grass you will need by measuring the area where you want to install it. Green Vision manufactures grass rolls of approximately 4 meters width and a length of 25 meters.

  • 2

    Ground clearing

    Secondly, when you replace natural grass/a garden with artificial grass, you need to clear it from coverings or any debris and/or weed it until you have a solid underground. This is vital to the long- term quality of your installation. If you already have a hard surface (tiles, asphalt, clinkers, timber,…) you only need to repair imperfections like holes or cracks and make sure that the surface is clean.

  • 3

    Solid underground

    Once the soil is clear of weeds, roots and grass it is important to level the soil uniformly. It is advisable to fix a waterproof membrane or concrete kerb stones which defines boundaries of tree and turf. It is also advisable to provide a layer of 5 cm thick black sand which ensures firm and permeable surface. That level needs to be compacted by a vibrator in order to create a stabilized sub- base. For a better

    compaction, you can water the surface lightly. After this, the underground is ready for installation. To make the grass look natural, you can even profile the sub surface and add contours to provide a profile to the surface in select areas.

  • 4


    Determine the best way to lay out your Green Vision grass rolls. Due to the natural direction of the grass blades it is very important 

    you lay out the Green Vision grass rolls in the same direction. Then the cutting part can start. Just make sure that you cut the carpet from the back and between the loops of the fibers, in order to touch/damage the fibers minimally.

  • 5


    Roll the mat out, with special attention to the seams so that they connect perfectly.

  • 6

    Seaming and securing

    After all seams have been folded over, Green Vision provides special tape to make sure the seams will stay in place. This seaming tape

    needs to be attached on the back of the two carpet pieces. Sometimes both sides are anchored with nails to hold the grass from moving.

  • 7


    When all the sections fit perfectly, both sides can be glued together with special glue (for sale at Green Vision).

    This paste hardens rapidly between 30 and 45 minutes. Normally, a can of 13 kg should be enough for approximately 30 to 35
    meters of tape. Apply the glue sparingly with a toothed spreader comb, closing the seams as you proceed. Once gluing finished,
    it is advisable to nail the grass all along the seams using 4 to 6” long nails. Just push the nails through the grass into the compacted sub surface.

  • 8


    Hardened glue rests between the fibers, less successful seams or imperfections can be repaired in this stage.
    You will probably have to cut the affected part from the top and install a new piece.

  • 9


    If you need infill or not, depends on the type of grass and application you have chosen. You can find the infill information for every 

    type in the the products pages

  • 10


    To finish and complete a perfect installation, you can use a broom, rake or brush to clean up the grass and align the fibers. If necessary,

    watering can help too.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

For more information about artificial sport pitches, we recommend personal advice from our sales department.