Artificial grass


What maintenance of the turf is required?

What maintenance of the turf is required?

The maintenance of Green Vision artificial landscaping grass is negligible in comparison to natural grass and it depends on the activity level. No more mowing, sprinkling of water, no more use of pesticides and no weeding anymore. You win quality time with friends and family!

Periodically removing debris and leaves with a broom or rake will be the main activities. Meanwhile the fibers will get realigned also.

To clean up any spots, simply use some water. In the mean time, the grass carpet gets refreshed, saturated and dust will be gone.

If necessary, it is possible to refill the lawn/add more filling to make the fibers stand up again.

Maintenance Manual

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For the maintenance of sport pitches, we suggest to get in touch with our .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), they can give you all the personal advice in agreement with the specific sort of artificial sport grass.