Artificial grass


Green Vision stands for quality, innovation and service. We want to ensure that our customers always have the best quality and highest performance products available in the market. Together with our R&D department and our many years of experience in backing and yarns, Green Vision always attempts to be one step ahead.

Green Vision artificial grass products are a very close alternative to natural grass. The advantages of Green Vision artificial grass are numerous:

Yes, all the Green Vision products are successfully tested. Al our products scored excellent in water permeability, color fastness, shock absorption, stability of the carpet,… Green Vision also offers artificial football grass that fulfills FIFA 1 and 2 star requirements

Very low maintenance costs

No mowing, no sprinkling of water and no use of pesticides anymore. You win quality time with family and friends!

Skin friendly and safe

Artificial grass is sterile and excellent for playgrounds. There is no mud, no irritating weed and it causes less injuries than natural grass. On top of that, it is non- allergic, which is an extra advantage for people with for example hay fever.

Certified high- performance

Our grass is always prepared, it doesn’t need to rest so it can handle unlimited playing hours in sports and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It will keep the bright green color, even in locations with extreme heat and/or sunshine (UV resistant) And on top of it: your grass is always green, all year round!

Basically, Green Vision artificial grass can withstand extreme weather conditions and has a long lasting appearance. We are pleased to offer you a 6 year warranty on UV stability in the Middle- East on all our artificial grass products. This warranty can be extended in other countries. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Green Vision’s artificial grass is specially designed and successfully tested for GCC extreme weather conditions with the highest UV stability standards guaranteed. Our grass maintains its deep color year after year, with 6 years UV stability guarantee.

The answer is simple: everybody. Private persons, sport clubs, schools, businesses, municipalities,… everybody should have the opportunity to experience a beautiful lawn or a perfect conditioned field day in day out.

The maintenance of Green Vision artificial landscaping grass is negligible in comparison to natural grass and it depends on the activity level. No more mowing, sprinkling of water, no more use of pesticides and no weeding anymore. You win quality time with friends and family!

Periodically removing debris and leaves with a broom or rake will be the main activity. Meanwhile the fibers will get realigned also. To clean up any spots, simply use some water. In the mean time, the grass carpet gets refreshed, saturated and dust will be gone.

If necessary, it is possible to refill the lawn/add more filling to make the fibers stand up again. For the maintenance of sport pitches, we suggest toget in touch with our sales team , they can give you all the personal advice in agreement with the specific sort of artificial sport grass.

No, it depends on the turf construction and the used yarn. But most constructions do need infill (rubber granulates or sand). This is for sale at Green Vision. When using a non- infill artificial grass carpet, it is required to fix it to hold the grass down. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

You don’t have to worry about your pets, they won’t even notice the difference. Artificial grass feels soft and looks like natural grass. On top of that, Green Vision artificial grass is perfect for pet care facilities!

Liquids drain through, droppings can be picked up or washed off with water and pets cannot dig up the lawn anymore.

This is not recommended. The existing lawn will die with an uneven surface as a result.

For the preparation of landscaping applications, we kindly refer you to the preparation/ installation page on our website. For the preparation of sport applications, we’d like you to take contact with our sales team for personal advice.

Yes, definitely. But you will need some extra precautions. The slope cannot be too long or too steep. And it will be necessary to fix the carpet to the soil. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

Off course it is, cutting Green Vision artificial grass is like cutting a carpet. You only need a cutting knife or a large pair of scissors. The standard Green Vision grass rolls are 25 meters long and 4 meters wide.

Green Vision’s artificial grass backings are very strong, they prevent the roots growing through the soil. However it is possible that roots can come up through the little holes made for drainage. In that case it is sufficient to simply pull out the weed.

In general Green Vision artificial grass products can be used for two main applications

Sport: golf, tennis, soccer, rugby, multisport,…
lawn, balcony, urban square, front yard, pet care facility, terrace, pool surrounding, playground, showroom, exhibition stand, roundabout, boat areas,…

Green Vision supplies all the right adhesives to install your artificial grass carpet in a correct way. For more information, please contact our sales department.

Please refer to our installation manual

Actually, using Green Vision artificial grass beside a swimming pool deals with all the disadvantages of natural grass or any other non- slip border.

With Green Vision artificial grass:

  • no more discoloration
  • no more damage from the use of chairs, tables, sun loungers,…
  • no more grass cuttings in the pool
  • very low maintenance
  • excess water can drain straight through the drainage holes
  • specially designed for extreme weather conditions

The drainage is very similar to natural grass. The backing of Green Vision artificial grass has many perforated holes allowing the water to drain vertically.

This is a very difficult question. The life span of artificial grass differs in every situation. It depends on the application of the artificial grass, the weather conditions, the sort of artificial grass used,… A life span of 6 till 10 years for our products is only a suggestion.

Yes, Green Vision artificial grass can be easily cut into the desired shape to make place.

Yes, our products are sterile and chemical inert. That means that our artificial grass is a perfect playground for your children. Kids will love it! And you don’t have to worry anymore about mud or any other dirt bringing in the house.

Green Vision artificial grass does not contain harm causing materials. All our products are heavy metal free. Used products can be burned in a waste incinerator for energy recover or they can be brought to standard landfill waste disposals.