Our Group

Grown in the GCC

Green Vision manufactures high quality artificial grass solutions both for sport and landscaping applications.

We began operations in 2007 at Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Founded by two influential families and fueled by a green vision, the company was introduced to the highest level of the industrial business community.

As a member of the Mattex Group of companies, Green Vision takes pride in being 100% vertically integrated.

Our R&D in own backing and yarns will continue to keep us one step ahead. With state-of-the-art equipment plus our total control and access to raw materials (backing and yarns) and the tufting process, we have unlimited opportunities for innovation, ensuring that our customers will always have the best quality and highest performance products available in the market.

Green Vision is a company with (relying on over 20 years of experience) a great product vision, and an excellent knowledge of the market. The company provides turn-key solutions, is motivated, dedicated, professional and, thanks to its research and development department, possesses a superior technical strength, all with high attention to our environment. We are the grass specialists.